Cities are where people come to make their mark on the world. Melting pots of cultures and hubs of creativity. They give us many opportunities for work, play and cultural stimulation. But because of their differences in ability to some people cities can be warrens of hazzards with insurmountable barriers to places of work, play, creativity and inspiration.  This inaccessibility creates many lost opportunities and excludes many people. We formed Hack Access Dublin because we wanted to change this paradigm of inequality based on ability.

Our vision was and is to create a more equal world that includes people who are labelled disabled by the environment through the positivity, proactive and innovative power of startup communities around the world.

Our first hackathon was in November 2016. In three years Hack Access Dublin has gathered over 100 members of Dublin’s startup community to tackle accessibility challenges, which exclude persons with a disability from the city. Our focus in recruiting participants, mentors, judges and volunteers has been and continues to be on expertise and diversity in terms of skills, gender, ethnicity, age and ability.

Our third hackathon year brought us a step closer to achieving our vision of an inclusive world.  A lot has been done. But we know that there’s a lot more to do and we hope that with the continued support of our sponsors and partners, we will be empowered to achieve our goals with the help of startup communities in Ireland and beyond.


The goal of #HackAccessDublin is not only to use the electricity of Dublin’s startup community to solve accessibility challenges in Dublin but to inspire and empower people with and with disabilities to view the various accessibility challenges they face as entrepreneurial opportunities.

We are delighted to bring together inspirers who will share their story in the hope it may encourage others to hack the obstacles in their way. 

To register your interest and keep up to date with the latest announcements about the event Please join our Meetup Group.