Our mission is to solve accessibilty challenges in cities around the world using the global startup community!



Why are we here?

To focus the talent of the world’s startup community on creating a more inclusive and equal world.

What is Hack Access Dublin?

Hack Access Dublin is an annual hackathon and series of community events and workshops focused on innovative problem solving, education and empowerment of people with and without a disabilty.

How do we work?

We are a team of volunteers from diverse backgrounds passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation.  We bring talent from design, engineering, technology and business together, and, with our network of partners and sponsors, support them to come up with innovative solutions to accessibilty challenges.  Through our series of Community Events and Workshops we give our community the opporotunity to network and learn about the challenges people with disabilties experience in the city.

Engineers, developers, designers, urban innovators, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in innovation; here’s your opportunity to make an impact on your city! 

Join us to find innovative solutions to Dublin’s accessibility challenges.

Help us create a more diverse, open and engaging environment for everyone who lives in this amazing city.


2018s Challenges

The Transport Challenge

The Workplace Challenge

The Data Challenge

The streetscape Challenge


Highlights from previous hackathons


See what happens when Dublin's best minds come together at the Sunday Purpose Pitch!


Sponsors and Startup Community Supporters



Venue & Disabilty Organisation Partners


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