The objective of #HackAccessDublin is to make Dublin inclusive to people of all abilities by hacking the access obstacles in our way.

Engineers, developers, designers, urban innovators, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in innovation; here’s your opportunity to make an impact on your city! 

Join us to find innovative solutions to Dublin’s accessibility challenges.
Help us create a more diverse, open and engaging environment for everyone who lives in this amazing city.





First place - €2,000 

Second place - €1,000 



Check out the highlights from 25 - 27 November 2016




The Transport Challenge

Create an alternative mode of transport for people with mobility problems who are not being

supported by current public transport methods


The Transport Challenge

Create a solution for sensory and visually impaired people to navigate the transport system

more efficiently and safely


The Workplace Challenge

Create a solution to help third level graduates with a disability find work placement with employers

seeking to create inclusive workplaces. All disabilities


The Social Challenge

create a solution that is both user-friendly & easy to implement, which makes it easier for

people in wheelchairs to socialise in the city. 


The Data Challenge

Create a way to gather and analyse data relating to the accessibility of Dublin's public areas.


The Awareness Challenge

Create a way for people to identify & rate the level of accessibility of their environment (public places) including

transport, workplaces & community event/cultural/social spaces, so that Dublin has an 'Access Score Card'

that would enable thecity to track and measure how accessible it is, encourage better design of

our city & create evidence-based solutions in the future.






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3D rapid prototyping facilities & support 

Parking Data 

Accessible Transport Under Disability Act

4 Purpose hack framework








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Thanks to our sponsors & partners


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