JumpOn's solution

Samim Ekram is a Machine Learning Engineer specializing in AI based creative solutions. He talks about the camera monitoring system that won first place in Hack Access Dublin 2018.



The problem we targeted at Hack Access Dublin 2018 was the stress involved in using public transport in Dublin. We heard many complaints about the busses being full and not stopping for people in many places, the accessible space being used in the wrong manner and the bus ramps not functioning in some busses.

Our solution will help the users plan their journey accordingly and reduce the stress they experience when using public transport, for example when they are not able to get on a bus.


The solution is a camera monitoring system which would track the capacity of the bus along with the right use of the accessible space and any malfunctions of the bus, which will then give the information to the users of public transport via the existing public transport app and the real-time information boards present throughout the city.

We used a Raspberry PI board to collect the feed from the cameras in the bus and then use AI to get analysis of the feed it collected. Hopefully in the future, if the system is deployed in the public transport system the possibilities are limitless. For example it can be used to monitor fee dodgers and detect any criminal activity on public transport.

What support do you need to develop your solution?

I think having funding for this project and support from Dublin City Council would give a good boost to us. We would like to have contact with the Public Transport Technology teams and with them develop a tool that perfectly integrates with all the public transport in the city.