Join us in the #AXSDUB challenge this Friday night!


It's time to get the Hack Access Dublin machine back into action! 

The date for the next Hack Access Dublin has been set for 10-12 November, the challenges confirmed and we are busy recruiting our mentors and judges! 

To mark all of the work we've done so far this year, the Hack Access Dublin team have decided to take to the streets of Dublin this Friday, 21st July to spread the message of creating an inclusive city through accessibility. 

We would like you to help us!

Take the #AXSDUB Challenge this weekend!!

If you're out in the city on Friday, take a look around:
Would the place you're in be accessible to a wheelchair user? If it is please tweet or post a photo to Instagram using #AXSDUB hash tag as we want to celebrate good access in the city.

We will be printing postcards and leaving them around the city; if you find one, please share it with your friends by taking a photo of it and posting to social media and challenge them to help promote better access and inclusion in Dublin too!

We hope this starts a conversation about accessibility and inclusion in the city and encourages those establishments that may need help to become more accessible and inclusive to support Hack Access Dublin find solutions that help them do that.

2017's Challenges

The challenges wheelchair users experience while socialising in the city is just one of the challenges we are looking to solve.  

To see all the challenges please visit the website.  

Registration to participate in this year's event will be open this weekend. 

Those of you who took part last year will be invited to the launch and immersion for 2017s hackathon in Dogpatch Labs on 12th October. 

We are very excited to be taking on access challenges again this year to create a city that's inclusive to people of all abilities. 

Thanks for your support and I hope to see you all again very soon!


Janice Valentine