#HackAccessDublin is about leveraging the power of startup energy and innovation to help make Dublin more inclusive to people with mobility problems (PMP). Creating a more diverse and open city is beneficial to everyone; not just those considered different to the mainstream.

This event is being organised by Janice Valentine, founder of Great Life Distillery and a corporate consultant in innovation engagement. It is the first in what's expected to be an annual event.  Each year it will tackle different accessibility challenges. 

There are many individuals, non-profit groups, political bodies who share the goal of making Dublin more inclusive to people of all abilities. #HackAccessDublin is being organised with the intention that it becomes the vehicle that brings all these diverse strands of the solution together; we need to hack the access obstacles that are in our way of an inclusive city, collectively.  That is the goal of #HackAccessDublin. 

What is a hackathon:

A hackathon brings people with various skills and interests together with the intention of finding innovative solutions to challenges provided, normally by an external party. The process participants go through is extremely collaborative and creative and this creates a highly energetic and uplifting environment with all participants committed to making an impact on the challenges provided.   



The goal of #HackAccessDublin is not only to use the electricity of Dublin’s startup community to solve accessibility challenges in Dublin but to inspire and empower people with mobility problems and without to view the various accessibility challenges they face as entrepreneurial opportunities.

We are delighted to bring together inspirers who will share their story in the hope it may encourage others to hack the obstacles in their way. 

To register your interest and keep up to date with the latest announcements about the event please visit our Eventbrite page.